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BY Hope Nunnelley

Mini-Sode 111 – Be the 8%

Did you know that less than 8% of the people who make New Year’s

Resolutions keep them to the end of the year? Today on the podcast, we encourage you to be the 8% with the will-power supercharger emotion: gratitude.

On the Cameron-Brooks podcast, many of our discussions and topics revolve around career success and the journey on how to get there. A large number of our candidates have been successful in the military and, subsequently, our alumni have been successful in the business world because of their grit, determination and perseverance. And these qualities are important to have and important to practice. But how do we sustain them?

I’m sure a large portion of our alumni can remember struggling to work their way through our reading list and DPP. It’s a self-paced program! We even sometimes call it a “Mini MBA”. And like any type of academic work, it takes willpower to work your way through the curriculum. However, willpower can be fleeting.

In our research for this mini-sode, we stumbled across a Happiness Lab podcast on the topic of gratitude as an emotion that can propel yourself to long-term success. We discuss this concept along with three concrete ways to practice gratitude and, of course, our favorite Thanksgiving dishes all on the podcast.

Gratitude during the holiday season is not a new concept; however, I think the mindset shift we all need to finish the end of the year could all stem from this forward-focused emotion. Graciousness and gratefulness are a gift and free to give. We challenge you today to give the gift of gratitude – to others and to yourself. And from all of us at Cameron-Brooks, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.