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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 60 – The Value of the Cameron-Brooks Agreement and Career Conference

A lot of JMOs wonder why they should partner with Cameron-Brooks versus other recruiting firms or striking out on their own.  They also wonder why they should enter a Cameron-Brooks agreement and wait to send out resumes or contact other companies until after the Cameron-Brooks Conference.  In other words, they wonder, “How does this benefit me?”

In this episode, I asked Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Sterling Raehtz, questions about his experience with cameron-brooks agreementCameron-Brooks to include how he felt about the Cameron-Brooks Partnership Agreement.  I also asked him to share his Career Conference experience and why he felt this was better than navigating the transition on his own.  Pete Van Epps recently wrote a post about the accuracy of the Cameron-Brooks Career Search and Rob Davis also wrote about the difference between the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference and the Service Academy Career Conference but JMOs have told us they find it means more hearing it from a peer.

Sterling shares that the Agreement is about commitment.  This commitment brings industry leaders to the conference: hiring managers with decision making authority.  These recruiters are not conducting a screening or introductory networking interviews, but rather they are interviewing for positions that will report to them and they have decision making authority.  Because of this commitment, it accelerated Sterling’s career search and helped him compare several offers simultaneously.  He also says now that he is a hiring manager himself, he sees the full value of the Partnership Agreement.  As a hiring manager, he does not have time to spend interviewing people who are not committed.

Additionally, Sterling shares how the Cameron-Brooks preparation continues to help him succeed in his business career.