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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 59 – See an Acquisition as an Opportunity

Welcome back! On this episode I interview Scott Holtman. Scott is an Operations Manager at a leading textile manufacturer. He’s a former Navy E-2 Pilot who transitioned in January 2014. On this episode, we explore how to see an acquisition as an opportunity as well as:acquisition as an opportunity

  • The value of conducting a broad career search and leading with your leadership strengths
  • The large overlap of Manufacturing and Naval Aviation
  • Scott’s day-in-the-life and career progression as a Safety Analyst and Operations Manager
  • What it’s like to go through an divestiture and acquisition

Scott shares some excellent insight about where he sees his career going, and I think you will be energized from his experience. His story is an interesting one, especially the twist and turns that led him to his current company after attending one of our Cameron-Brooks conferences.

We also get into the conversation of what it’s like to go through an acquisition process and what kind of opportunity can be present as a result.  We don’t get a chance to talk to officers often who are going through this type of transition.

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Pete Van Epps