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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 58 – How To Excel During The First Year in Corporate America

Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast! On this episode you will meet Ashley Philbin, who talks about her first year in Corporate America. She is a former Army Ordnance officer who transitioned from the military after finishing an EOD Company Command. She had a perfect Cameron-Brooks conference, with 13 interviews and 12 companies that pursued her. Ashley is an Account Manager at EMCOR, a Fortune 500 company leading in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial first year in corporate americaand energy infrastructure, and building services. In this episode, Ashley explains what EMCOR does and the strong leadership culture fostered by their President and CEO, Tony Guzzi. This strong corporate culture, much of which comes from some former military who works there, is one of the reasons why she chose to work there. In the conversation, she also spends some time talking about her first year at the company and how she was able to quickly assimilate and make an impact. She has some great insight and gives helpful perspective about her transition, success and first year in Corporate America.

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Pete Van Epps