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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 61 – How One JMO Transition Wasn’t Decided By Location

Location, location, location.  While those are typically the top 3 criteria for opening up a retail business, it commonly seems like top criteria for a JMO transition.  Yet, when JMOs narrow down a search based on location, they miss out on exploring many unique opportunities.

Paul Speckin is Cameron-Brooks Alumnus who attended our April 2018 Career Conference.  He and his spouse are both from the Kansas City area, and his spouse was due with another child just as they were leaving the military.  Naturally, they had a strong pull to get back to Kansas City.  Paul had a preference for the Kansas area, but he also wanted to see other opportunities.  jmo transition location

At the end of his career search, Paul had two offers.  One from a leading industrial vehicle manufacturing company located in Kansas City and another with Hollister, a leading medical supply company in Chicago, IL.  While Hollister was not his ideal location, he accepted the position with Hollister because of their unique culture, continued growth and unique aspects of a position in Corporate Finance.

Paul tells his story on how he used location as a preference and offers advice for other JMOs who are also struggling with location in a career search.