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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 62 – From Aviation To Biotech Contract Manufacturing

Welcome back! On this episode, I interview Melanie Mansbach, a JMO who transitioned to the biotech contract manufacturing industry. She is a former Army Aviation officer who transitioned to Lonza in 2016. She is managing a technical team of people who essentially produce very technical and intricate pharmaceutical products. Lonza a 120 year old Swiss company. They are a contract manufacturer for the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

For the first half of the podcast, Melanie gives an in-depth description of

what biotech contract manufacturing is and what she does in her Manager role. She has a lot of different responsibilities and it is very interesting to hear how her role relates to her military experience. We also get into the discussion of finding meaning in what she does, as well as and working with other JMOs at Lonza.

Melanie has also been back to a Cameron-Brooks Conference as a Hiring Manager and gives some great advice to JMOs as they are transitioning and preparing to interview in Corporate America.

Pete Van Epps