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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 63 – Can An Athletic Mindset Help You Be A Better Leader?

WELCOME BACK! This episode features Peter Sceusa. Peter is a former Army Air Defense Artillery officer who

athletic mindset

transitioned to business in early 2014. Peter started his post-military business career at the consulting firm, PwC as a Senior Associate in Compliance and Data Analytics. He quickly learned the ins-and-out of that part of their business and shares some key insights on the podcast on how to get up to speed quickly in an unfamiliar environment. He specifically mentions using Coursera as a great platform to expand your knowledge in different areas. Peter also shares some interesting perspective into the world of consulting and why he chose PwC after the Army.  One of my favorite parts of the conversation came toward the end when he talked about what he focuses on regarding career growth, development and taking ownership of his career. He shares some excellent advice, including using your strengths immediately when joining a new team. He also shares how companies are  harnessing the power of the JMO, who can be put into any situation to rally toward a solution.

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Pete Van Epps