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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 64 – Opportunities for JMOs with Engineering Degrees in Corporate America

When I speak to Junior Military Officers (JMOs) with engineering degrees, they often want to avoid doing engineering related work because they believe that companies would only hire them for their technical knowledge.  When I ask them to explain more about their perception, they voice concerns about being “stuck” or “pigeon holed” into one specific technical area within a company.  While companies absolutely need technical experts and engineers who want to further their expertise, the development positions Cameron-Brooks represent for those with engineering degrees are multi-dimensional where JMOs use their leadership, problem solving, project management and technical skills.  They also have the opportunity for promotion and increased responsibility throughout their company.

In this episode, Scott Grigg, Cameron-Brooks Alumnus from November 2015, describes how he has used his Aerospace Engineering education and military leadership experience as a Development Candidate with Eli Lilly, an industry leading pharmaceutical company.  Scott started his career with Eli Lilly in their manufacturing and engineering organization as a Six Sigma Blackbelt and has been promoted twice since starting with the company.  Today, he is a Project Manager for Oncology Drug Development.  Scott explains how he leveraged his military experience and education in each of his 3 positions.  When he made the transition in 2015, his Aerospace Engineering degree was 11 years old, yet he uses the learning agility, process thinking and technical aptitude from his degree.  The degree coupled with his Air Force leadership experience provided him a foundation for a successful career with Eli Lilly.

Scott also shares that some the best advice he had ever received came from Cameron-Brooks: encouragement to network at the start of your new career and beyond. Scott credits much of his success to the relationships he cultivated quickly once he started in his new career.

To learn more about the various engineering roles and positions Cameron-Brooks represents, visit our Career Field section of our website.

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