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BY Joel Junker

Why I Trust Cameron-Brooks with My Transition (Ep. 177)

In this episode,  JMO Brock Dudley explains: “Why I trust Cameron-Brooks with my transition to business.”

As a transitioning Junior Military Officer (JMO), you have several options for making the transition. You can do it on your own, attend full-time grad school, attend a job fair, or partner with one of the several recruiting firms. To help JMOs understand the options and what Cameron-Brooks offers, we have had numerous Cameron-Brooks Alumni as guests to talk about their experiences.

We have a unique episode on the same topic where I interviewed Brock Dudley, who is preparing to attend our upcoming August 18-22 Career Conference. Brock and I cover many topics in our 30 minutes together. They include:

  • What made Cameron-Brooks the right transition path for him.
  • How he made the decision to separate now versus taking another assignment.
  • His experience with the Cameron-Brooks Skillbridge Program.
  • And, most importantly, what’s going through his mind and how he feels while waiting for the August Conference.

We explore this last point more in-depth. Brock is going through what all of our Alumni went through; he feels a little nervous as he waits for the Conference. He trusts Cameron-Brooks to deliver on our promises, yet, there are uncertainties. He does not yet know with whom he will interview, the locations, salaries, or types of jobs. Brock explains how he feels and why he is committed to the process. In other words, “Why I trust Cameron-Brooks.”

Brock’s experience and insight from this webcast differ greatly from the Alumni guests. He does not have the perspective of the Conference, the follow-up process, or a year or more in his new career. He is in the middle of the process. This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to know what it is like leading up to the Cameron-Brooks Conference, how you will feel, and what you will be doing to prepare.

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