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One Year in Corporate America—Lessons Learned (E178)

You’ve already met Quinton Cookis. We actually featured him a year ago on Episode 154 of the podcast. Now he’s experienced one year in Corporate America. Quinton is a former USMC Logistics officer who attended the June 2022 Carrer Conference. He interviewed with 14 different hiring groups and launched his career with Campbell Soup Company as an Associate Brand Manager. When we recorded Episode 154, Quinton was preparing for his transition and participating in the DoD Skillbridge program through Cameron-Brooks. That episode focused on how he was using the Skillbridge program in order to maximize his success at the Career Conference (which is what he did.)

It’s been one year in Corporate America, so now is a great time to check in with Quinton. In this episode, we hear about what he’s been up to since starting work in Corporate America. I think you’ll really enjoy this episode because Quinton does an excellent job describing what he does as a Senior Associate Brand Manager, how his military background directly relates to much of the work he does, and how he has been able to take advantage of different circumstances that have allowed him to essentially pour jet fuel on his career.

We spent time specifically digging into why he chose Campbell, what a typical day in his life looks like, the most pleasant surprise he’s experienced in his one year in Corporate America, and his overall quality of life. We also discussed a disruptive event that occurred during the first three months on the job, what he did about it, and how it ultimately propelled his career.

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