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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 36 – Taking Control of Your Career

Kristen Coar, a former Navy Supply Officer, shares tips for getting control of your careerIn our latest podcast, Kristen Coar, a former Navy Supply Officer who transitioned to ExxonMobil in 2014, shares tips on taking control of your career. She started her career as a Senior Procurement Specialist and, after about a year and a half, was promoted to a Senior Business Analyst. While working at ExxonMobil, she earned her MBA from Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. Kristen recently made a career change and is now an Operations Associate at McKinsey & Company. In this episode, we talk about taking ownership of your career outside of the military. She highlights networking, being patient, and managing expectations as keys to her success thus far.

If you are a military officer considering a transition, you can learn more about Cameron-Brooks here.

Pete Van Epps