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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 35 – How to Earn Your MBA While Working and Still Find Work Life Balance

Is it possible to earn your MBA while working and still find that elusive work life balance so many of us seek? Cameron-Brooks alumna Aubrey Williams says yes. And, not only that, but she gets to take her dog to work too!

Aubrey is an eCommerce Account Manager with Mars Petcare who transitioned from the Army to business in 2012. She earned her MBA and a Master’s in Marketing at Indiana University – Kelley School of Business while working full time for Mars.    

In our latest podcast, Aubrey explains how earning her master’s degrees while working allowed her to apply that knowledge on the job and also how it helped her with career progression.

Additionally, one of the biggest reasons military officers cite for leaving active duty is their desire to find a work life balance.  Thus, many ask me what this is like in the business world. As an expectant mother, Aubrey offers unique insight into this facet of work and how she achieves it now in Corporate America.


You can learn more about Aubrey at Mars Petcare’s website. And, you can sign up for our Personal Marketability Assessment to learn more about your possibilities of transitioning from JMO to a business career.