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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 30 – Former Marine details sweet transition from JMO to IT project management for Godiva

David Koch is an IT Project Manager at Godiva.He is a former USMC Communications who made the transition from JMO to a business career in 2013. David is leading multiple high-level projects for Godiva as his company continues to use technology to bring their world famous products to their customers.

In this episode, the main thrust of the conversation is how David makes an impact at work by focusing on the people with whom he works, being authentic and leading with leadership. David makes the point that although he did have IT experience when he transitioned to Godiva, the real reason he’s been successful thus far is because he recognizes that the most important aspect in any situation is people.

We also talk about the advantage he sees in working with other former JMOs. In a future episode, we’ll have David and two other former JMOs on to talk about their initiative to bring more military leaders into their organization. Former Marine Corps officer discusses transition from JMO to IT Project Manager at Godiva

I hope you enjoy David’s experience and insight.