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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 29 – How to Create Small Successes Early in Your Corporate Career that Lead to Bigger Things

Mike DeBock is a 1996 USMA graduate, former Apache helicopter pilot and Iraq War veteran.  He transitioned from the Army to Florida Power and Light in 2004 through the Cameron-Brooks transition process.  Today, he is the Executive Director of Gas Infrastructure at NextEra Energy Resources which is the largest renewable energy company in America.

He is our latest guest on the Cameron-Brooks podcast.  While he covers a lot of ground in this episode, the following are the insights he shares about career management:

  1.  Your first 3 to 5 years in business is critical.  Keep your head on a swivel and be ready to add value wherever you can.
  2. Your military officer leadership skills relate to business a lot more than you think.
  3. Your initial assignment is a door into the company.  Do not be too proud to do any job.  It is just a starting point and if you do it well, great things will happen.
  4. The military decision making model you learn in business directly relates to the planning and decisions you will make in business.
  5. Corporate America needs and appreciates humble and aggressive leaders.  They need both attributes as one without the other is worthless.
  6. Read great books like Grit by Angela Duckworth, any Patrick Lencioni book, and Mike’s personal favorite Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently by John Maxwell.

Enjoy the episode.