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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast Episode 31: How Cameron-Brooks helped a former Army officer discover his passion for engineering and a career in manufacturing

Bobby Eisenhart made the transition from the Army in 2011 and is now enjoying a career in manufacturing as an Engineering Manager with Nestle Waters North America.  Bobby spent the first five years of his business career with Unilever in a variety of manufacturing roles before transitioning to Nestle last year.  Since joining Nestle, he has earned two promotions.  Bobby attributes much of his success to three ways he benefited from the Cameron-Brooks program.

  1. Through prescribed self-analysis exercises, he learned his strengths, weaknesses, and top accomplishments and how they related to business.
  2. The opportunity to interview with numerous companies and positions at a Conference allowed him to explore multiple career paths.  He thought he would go into a sales position post military, since that is his dad’s and brother’s career field, but he ended up finding his best fit with Manufacturing.
  3. He learned the importance of continuous self-development and reading, both of which allowed him to take on an Engineering role despite not having an Engineering degree.

Additionally, Bobby and I talked about:

The most recent books he’s read: Switch: How to Change things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath and Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston M.D. and Keith Ferrazzi.

Misconceptions about the Manufacturing career field and the strategic nature of a Manufacturing Team Leader role and their main responsibilities.

The best advice he ever received came from his mom.


Joel Junker