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BY petevanepps

Episode 93 – Long-Term Business Success

At Cameron-Brooks  we believe, amidst this global crisis, that quality leadership is more important than ever. So we will continue to post our regular podcasts to educate potential transitioning military officers. You are the future leaders Corporate America will need.

This episode features Porsche Wilson.  Porsche transitioned to Corporate America from the Army in 2009 was serving as Army Medical Service Corps officer. She launched her business career at Regions Bank in a banking operations Project Management role and within 8 months was promoted to a Manager of Debit Cards/ATM Claims. One of the interesting things about our conversation is Porsche helps unpack the concept of “career management”. She does that from the perspective of someone who has been in the business world for 11 years.  Approaching her mid-career point in the business world, Porsche continues to accelerate her professional life in Corporate America.

Early Success

Porsche starts our conversation by recalling her time in the Army and some best practices that she used to find success early. First, she said she humbly approached every situation with a heart for learning from everyone she interacted with, especially from people with more experience than her. She made a comment about something a former Sergeant Major said to her that you’ll likely get a chuckle out of. She also talked about being accountable to facts and data as it related to the things for which she was responsible.

The Transition

It was interesting to hear her recall her interactions with Roger Cameron at the the April 2009 Career Conference. She remembers asking Roger why she was interviewing with a bank. Remember, Porsche was a Medical Service officer with a Biology undergraduate degree and a lot of logistics experience. Roger told her is that she’s a leader and regardless of the industry or function, she has the ability to be successful (and she most certainly has been successful!).

Career Launch

One of the biggest takeaways for managing your career is what Porsche says about how to get started in your first role in business. She said, “Be the very best at your first job and the shoulder taps will come.” Coming from the military, she said people first need to know that you can be successful in this new environment.

Porsche has done an excellent job managing her long-term business success and I think you will really enjoy hearing from her.

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