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BY Joel Junker

Episode 92 – The Military to Business Transition Doesn’t Have to Be Risky

Military to business transition doesn’t have to be risky — especially if you have the right partner who knows how to make the transition successfully.  However, it does require one to step outside of your comfort zone.

Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Mike Burns, is a former Navy Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer who made the successful transition in 2014.  On this episode of the podcast, he shares how he partnered with Cameron-Brooks to learn more about his marketability, navigated the transition and willingly stepped outside of his comfort zone to land a career at Chatham Financial.

Mike initially approached his career search believing he needed to interview for only engineering project management roles that directly related to his functional experience as a Navy Nuclear Trained Surface Warfare Officer.  By partnering with Cameron-Brooks, he conducted a wide career search and was able to interview for a broad range of positions that included Engineering Project Management, Consulting, Finance and more.  In the end, he chose a consulting career with Chatham, an opportunity he would have never considered before partnering with Cameron-Brooks.

In addition to sharing his transition experience, Mike also explains why his company values JMOs and the model he uses in managing his career.

During the podcast Mike and I also talk about a recent podcast we published on the transition and how it relates to doing a hike and the LinkedIn Veteran Opportunity report from 2019. These all lend insight into how military to business transition doesn’t have to be risky.

Enjoy listening! Curious to learn more about consulting careers for military officers?  Or the career fields we represent? Click here. To learn more about turning your JMO leadership skills into a successful transition and business success with Cameron-Brooks, visit our website and check out PCS to Corporate America. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.