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BY petevanepps

Episode 83 – How Long Does It Take To Transition?

Welcome back! I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Brian Fitzgerald. Brian is a former Army Infantry officer who transitioned to an Engineering Project Management role within Boston Scientific in 2016.

We started the conversation by discussing Brian’s transition. He had 12 interviews at the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference and all of the companies he interviewed with expressed an interest in pursuing him for a follow up interview. Then, we discussed how he narrowed his 12 options down to the best 5 that suited him and his family and how the follow up interview process went for him.

Through that discussion, he described why he chose the cardiovascular franchise within Boston Scientific. Brian explains his initial role as a Manager, Process Development, and how his academic background and military leadership experience helped him quickly find success in his role.

Since starting at Boston Scientific, he’s been promoted to Senior Manager, Process Development and describes how his role has grown more toward strategic process leadership. He also discussed where he’d like to take his career in the future.

Finally, since Brian has also been back to a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference twice as a hiring manager, we talked about what he looks for when interviewing JMOs. Our conversation was enlightening and I hope you enjoy it and pick up something new.