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BY Joel Junker

Episode 82 – What it’s Like for a JMO to Work in the Hi-Tech Industry

Several listeners have requested to hear about what it’s like for a JMO to work in the hi-tech industry.  In Episode 81, Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Eric Dvorak, describes his work with the Corning Emerging Innovations Group.  We wanted to follow that episode up with another alum in the hi-tech industry but with a different type of company and business sector.

Chazz Hoskins is a former Air Force Development Engineer who is now a Manufacturing Engineer with Lam Research.  Lam What it's Like for a JMO to Work in the Hi-Tech IndustryResearch makes some of the most innovative wafer fabrication equipment – meaning they make hi-tech machines that make semiconductors.  Specifically, Chazz works in their Pilot Manufacturing Plant that manufactures some of the newest developed machines for customers prior to being transferred to higher volume production operations.

During this podcast, Chazz describes his experience working in Silicon Valley and the culture of the hi-tech industry.  He also explains his strategy for his transition and for making a quick impact at Lam Research.

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