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Episode 152 – How a JMO Can Build a Track Record of Success

Welcome back to the podcast! In a recent episode, Joel, Hope, and I discussed the 3 Game-Changing Strategies that JMOs can employ to maximize their transition. The podcast is based on a recent transition guide with the same title. The first strategy we recommend is to find opportunities where a JMO can build a track record of success, typically within three to five years. In this episode, you will meet Mike Scheer. Mike is a former Army Special Operations officer who transitioned in 2014 after being an ODA Commander. Mike is someone who approached his career search with these strategies.

Mike launched his career at BIOTRONIK, a world leader in cardiac rhythm management (CRM) technology. Like most jobs that he went into in the military, Mike was thrown into a technical, challenging, and rewarding role. He was able to use his drive, emotional intelligence, and intellect to make an immediate impact for his customers. He launched his career in an industry-leading company and in a role that allowed him to build a strong track record of success.

After Mike’s busiest customer relocated to a different part of Washington, Mike had an important decision to make – either move near his customer or use his track record to transition to another opportunity. He chose the latter and went to work for Nevro. Nevro is another industry-leading company! They provide neuromodulation solutions to help patients deal with chronic and debilitating pain. Mike began at Nevro without much momentum in his market, quickly built his territory and is continuing to expand it. His experience is another example of a non-traditional business candidate (JMO) getting into the right company and right position in order to build a track record that will continue to carry him to great successes in his career.

Mike also mentioned the book, Never Enough by Mike Hayes. Mr. Hayes is the former Commander of Seal Team 2 and Mike’s former boss. I just ordered my copy and look forward to reading it. The proceeds of the book go to help pay off the mortgages for Gold Star Families.

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Mike as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

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