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Episode 148 – A Career Journey Around the World

Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast. Today we’re publishing one of our MOST DOWNLOADED episodes, “From USMA to Infantry Officer to Iraq to Senior VP of Supply Chain in Switzerland,” with Steve Joachim.

From the original podcast blog text, Joel wrote:

Steve Joachim, USMA ’97, Iraq War Veteran and Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, talks about how he created a patent with other engineers on a surgical device that cuts through bone and helped turn around a declining medical device company. Steve rose to the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain for an $800+ million medical device company and shares how his career journey led him to live in Switzerland.

This episode was originally published in 2016 – Steve has since moved companies and is now the Vice President of Operations at Oryx Additive. After re-listening to this episode, I can see why it’s one of our most downloaded. Joel leads Steve through an ADVENTURE of a career journey.

And I use the word “JOURNEY” with intention. Steve’s career has taken him all over the world. He took a double demotion to follow his career interests and aspirations in Research and Development, reflects on the value added from his time spent in Mexico, shares an “on the edge of your seat” story where he interviewed with some tough hiring managers (spoiler alert: he got the promotion!), and how he and his family decided to take an opportunity in Europe.

You won’t want to miss this episode. At the end of his conversation with Joel, Steve shared TWO pieces of advice. One of them I’ll share with you: “…always make sure you’re keeping your options open, and then see where those options lead you.”

You’ll have to listen to the episode to capture his second piece of advice. Enjoy the listen. Steve will take you around the world on his career journey.

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