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Episode 147 – Why Companies Hire from Cameron-Brooks

Welcome back! I am glad to introduce you to Lauren Kordzik. Lauren is an Associate Principal at Cameron-Brooks. Her role in the company is to workLauren Korozik directly with companies who want to hire Junior Military Officers (JMOs). During our conversation, she shares more about why companies hire from Cameron-Brooks.

Lauren has an interesting background – she came to Cameron-Brooks after successfully starting her career in the FBI. The bulk of our conversation centered around her role at Cameron-Brooks and her interaction with companies.  Her insight is valuable because most officers never really see the “client-side” of Cameron-Brooks until they attend a Career Conference.

Lauren provides excellent perspective on how she helps companies better understand a JMO’s background, why companies want to attend a Conference and how Cameron-Brooks vets companies who attend the Conference. She also explains the advantage of being a Cameron-Brooks candidate and shares the top Development Candidate competency that companies expect from a Cameron-Brooks Candidate.

I also appreciate the advice she gives to companies who are considering hiring a JMO. It is the exact same advice that she gives to JMOs who are looking to conduct a career search and explore their full marketability. That is, give yourself choices and think long term, especially when you are taking a step that is new or different. Instead of getting focused on one aspect of a transition, whether that be an industry, company, job, or location – give yourself choices so that you can make a good decision.

Lastly, as a working professional who is also married with children, I asked Lauren for some tips on maximizing work/life balance. That topic comes up a lot when we talk to JMOs as they are in the decision process regarding a transition, and her answer will give you encouragement as you are considering your future options and life outside of the military.

Cameron-Brooks is a Military-to-Business career transition specialist who partners exclusively with Junior Military Officers to launch rewarding careers in Corporate America.

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