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BY petevanepps

Episode 137 – 4 Alumni Share Their Conference Experience

Welcome back to another installment of our Conference Alumni Series. On this episode we hear from 4 recent Cameron-Brooks alumni who attended the November 2021 Career Conference share their conference experience. We really like bringing these conversations to you. It is one of our attempts to try and remove uncertainty from the transition process and ultimately give you confidence through this process.

And what was really remarkable about the November 2021 Career Conference was that 77.8% of all interviews at the Conference resulted in the pursuit. That means that after the interview, the company expressed interest in having another interview. That is the highest pursuit rate in the 50+ year history of Cameron-Brooks! There are multiple factors that contribute to such an impressive conference result, but one of the key reasons is that the officers who attended the Career Conference were prepared to meet hiring managers in Corporate America. 

On this episode, you will meet: 

Natalie Snyder, a former Army Engineer officer who accepted an offer from KeyBank as a Client Success Process Engineer

Alex Wheelon, a former Air Force Civil Engineer officer who accepted an offer from PROCEPT BioRobotics an an Operational Project Manager

Mitch Heaton, a former Navy Nuclear Power (Submarines) officer who accepted an offer at NextEra Energy as a Project Engineer

Adriel Paderanga, a former Army Quartermaster officer who accepted an offer from Ernst & Young (EY) as a Senior Consultant

They fielded a number of questions from the webcast attendees including:

    • During the interviews, did you get a good feel of which companies would likely give you an offer? 
    • How were the job offers structured?
    • What was the follow up process like?
    • Did you hit interview fatigue during the Conference?
    • Interview best practices at the Conference?
    • What percentage of your interviews were more conversational and how did you approach them?
    • Pro tips on conversational interviews?
    • How do you handle more structured interviews?
    • How did you manage the “uniqueness” of a virtual conference?
    • How did you balance accepting an offer in a timely manner vs. completing other interviews?
    • What were your in-person interviews like, especially in light of the COVID environment?
    • How do you get a good feel for a company’s culture, especially if you didn’t go onsite?
    • Did you have enough time to research companies and prepare for interviews at the Conference?
    • Did your interviews align with your location preferences, salary expectations and the types of positions that you were looking for?
    • What else did you do to prepare for the Conference?

I hope the unique perspective from our alumni about their conference experience gives you confidence as you are preparing for your transition.

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