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BY Hope Nunnelley

Episode 136 – My Spouse Is Thinking About Making a Transition … Now What?

Today on the Cameron-Brooks podcast, we’re tackling a NEW topic that can be half of the equation when officers consider making a transition.


We’re always believed that significant others make a SIGNIFICANT

difference in the transition decision and process. And, at Cameron-Brooks, we like to ENCOURAGE involvement from significant others from the very beginning. It’s a large life decision and requires a lot of thought, reflection and research.

As we discuss the role of spouses and significant others in the transition decision, we thought “what better way to share tips and tricks than by hearing from the spouses of our own alumni?!” So I want to introduce you to my colleagues and new Cameron-Brooks teammates: Julie and Val!

Julie and Val both had their spouses come through the Cameron-Brooks program, so they have first-hand experience in the transition experience as a spouse. We wanted this particular episode to cover the idea of, “… my significant other is thinking about making a transition … NOW WHAT?”

So, the FIRST thing we wanted to share were THREE QUESTIONS to help you get your bearings on your personal and professional goals as a family.

1. What’s your WHY for getting out. We ask officers this question a lot, but it’s important to discuss your WHY as a family. You want to be aligned!

2. What are your options? What do you want to do, hopes/dreams, what’s even viable…

3. What resources are available to you?

Val walks us through these questions and dives into even more detail on things you’ll want to discuss as partners considering a transition.

We also talk through the process of what working with a military officer recruiting firm looks like if your significant other decides to utilize a firm, and we note different areas for significant others to get involved.

Our hope for this episode was to be a resource for military officers and their significant others as they consider a military transition.

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