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Episode 127 – Is The Economy Back?

So, here we are – July 2021. Is the economy back?  Well, there are probably way too many factors at play to truly allow that to be a binary YES or NO, BUT at the Cameron-Brooks June 2021 Career Conference, the average number of interviews per JMO was 13. You read that right. The average number of interviews that officers had was 13 interviews with industry-leading companies who attended the Conference with actual open positions that they plan to fill with non-traditional leadership talent (aka JMOs).

One of the hardest things JMOs have to do once they make a decision to leave active duty military is navigating the treacherous waters of the application and interview process.  In this episode, we hear from 4 Cameron-Brooks alumni who attended that Conference and successfully navigated those waters. The intention of this episode is to give you a “peek behind the curtain” in terms of WHAT they saw, HOW they made decisions, and WHY they chose or did certain things.

I guide the conversation and we hit on a few key topics like:

    • The biggest surprise at the Conference?
    • What did you do really well before the Conference that helped you at the Conference?
    • If you could change one thing about what you were thinking before the Conference, what would that be?
    • What do you wish you would have done differently knowing what you know now?
    • What is the biggest thing you learned at the Conference?
    • The Conference can be transformational in some ways – how did you grow or get better in such a short amount of time?
    • Favorite interview and why?

Give this podcast a listen and answer this question for yourself “Is the economy back?”

What do you think?

Featured alumni:

Rachel Wolfe: Army Engineer Captain. USMA, BS Geospatial Information Science

Jon Saddler: Air Force Space Operations Captain. University of Delaware, BS Chemistry.

Steve Burke: USMC Logistics Captain. USNA, BS Systems Engineering.

Cliff Crofford: Army Aviation Captain. USMA, BS Mechanical Engineering.

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