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BY Hope Nunnelley

Episode 128 – So You’re Thinking About Making a Transition. Now What?

So, you’re thinking about making a transition. But where do you start? Which strategies should you focus on first?

We live in the information age. Every generation after us will have more information and faster access than ever before. Which also means the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Imagine walking into the Library of Congress. You have over 170 million items to choose


from, if you so please. Now imagine there was no librarian or digital categorization or even a card catalog. You’d have to search 170 million different items to find what you wanted. Yikes.

I imagine this is how it feels for military officers who are thinking about making a transition and don’t quite know where to start. Often I hear, “researching new industries/career fields/job listings is confusing and, honestly, overwhelming” from officers.

We’d suggest embracing these four mindsets to help you get started and, ultimately, succeed in reaching your goals.

MINDSET #1: Be curious. Ask questions. If you were lost a needed directions, you’d be one question away from being pointed in the correct route. The same goes for researching transition options. Talking to people who are familiar with the process + have facilitated multiple transitions would be a wealth of knowledge for you. At Cameron-Brooks, we have a great team who would be happy to talk through different options with you.

MINDSET #2: Define what “transition” means to you. Sit down and ask yourself these three questions. After you reflect on what making a successful transition (short-term & long-term) looks like for you, it’ll help steer you in the right direction.

MINDSET #3: Avoid career false starts.

“My buddies got out and snagged the first thing they came across … hoping it would work or just find a better fit down the line.”

I’ve heard this a lot, too. What if I told you that you could love the first job you had after the military? We’ve found that one of the most productive ways to find a career you love is to interview for a broad range of opportunities. Our candidates typically average ~12 interviews at a conference, across a variety of industries and career fields. Comparing these options side-by-side does wonders! And who doesn’t love options?

MINDSET #4: Find a sherpa. Once you figure out which direction you want to take your career, find someone who can lead you through it. There are people who have walked the trail before you (and some many, many times). Utilize these “sherpas”!

We hope you enjoy the podcast episode as we break each one of these down. If you’d like to download our (free) PDF on the 4 Mindsets, click HERE.

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