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Episode 120 – 3 Reasons You’re Getting Ruled Out in an Interview

Welcome back! On this episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast, we continue our series of interview tips to help elevate your interview game. Of course the ultimate goal in moving from the military to Corporate America is to chose the best opportunity amongst many and avoid any early career “do-overs.” More on that HERE and HERE and HERE! For now, here are the three most common reasons that we see as to why people get ruled out of interviews.

Rapport! All too often I see an officer so focused on delivering the perfect answer that they lose sight of the conversational nature of the interview. This means having a good back-and-forth dialogue in order for the hiring manager to further explain the company and/or opportunity and for you to explain your interest and fit. Unfortunately, sometimes an inexperienced interviewer will see the interview more like a military board than a conversation.

Connect! Often in workshops and mock interviews I will ask a military officer if the position we are practicing with is a team leadership job. Invariably, regardless of the essence of the position, they will say “YES!” That is not always the case and it is critical that you grasp the essence of the position for which you are interviewing. Most positions that JMOs interview for are categorically under either team leadership, program management or client services. Each of those job types will have specific functions that a JMO must first understand in order to effectively communicate the right experience or accomplishment. Specifically connecting your military background to the essence of the role is one of the main goals of the interview.

Interest! One of the biggest mistakes we see JMOs make in the interview process is deciding their level of interest before they over step into the interview. This would be like deciding you don’t like your blind date before actually getting to know the person. JMOs will sometimes self-eliminate before a word is ever spoken. It’s unfortunate because the words that are often spoken in the interview (by the hiring manager) to further explain the company and/or position will shed new light on the opportunity. Often that new light is information that changes your opinion!

We hope you find these interview tips helpful. After conducting hundreds of Career Conferences and reviewing feedback, these three reasons for getting ruled out in an interview come up the most often.

In closing, the key to success in overcoming these obstacles if preparation and practice. The “Jerry Maguire” approach to interview is just not a great strategy!

Best of success,

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