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2023 Mid-Year Economy Check (Ep. 175)

Welcome back to the podcast! One of the questions that I get on a fairly regular basis is, “What’s going on with the economy?” I totally get it! So let’s have a 2023 mid-year economy check. From the Spring 2020 to now, we’ve seen the economy move in a few different directions. I remember being in the Army and wondering if the economy was strong enough to support me, an Army Field Artillery officer with no business experience but with a lot of desire to contribute, grow, and succeed.

One of the most enlightening things that occurred in 2020 is what didn’t happen. Even during May, June, and July, during what some would argue was the height of economic uncertainty, Cameron-Brooks did not cancel a Career Conference. We entered the year planning to conduct 5 Career Conferences, and at the end of the year, that is exactly what happened. Because of that, I am convinced that companies will never stop hiring leaders. It’s no different than the military in that aspect. The military never stops commissioning officers. In wartime or not, each branch of the military brings new leaders on board every year.

What is the point? Well, in 2020, there was a slowdown. In most of 2021 and all of 2022, there was a ramp-up and acceleration. Through the first three Career Conferences of 2023, we’ve seen a leveling off. And that is exactly how it works. The economy, and really the business world, is a cycle. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down – but it never stops. So, will the economy support your transition? Absolutely. Of course! With the right strategy, you can launch your business career and accelerate your career. What is the right strategy? There are a few different factors, but two of the most important are your attitude and your ability to communicate. JMOs who come to corporate America with a desire to solve problems and make an impact are always in need. Couple that with preparation and an ability to communicate your background effectively, and companies will be willing and excited to make an offer to you.

I hope you enjoy and gain value from my conversation with Joel. In this episode, Joel also referenced a few additional resources to help you learn more – our recent blog about interviewing with the economy in mind and our 2022 year-end podcast – Episode 165.

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