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BY Joel Junker

2023 JMO Career Options & The Economy (Episode 165)

Welcome back to another episode of the PCS to Corporate America Podcast, where we answer the burning question…”How will the 2023 economy affect JMO career options?”

This episode is the second half of an interview I did with Cameron-Brooks CEO Chuck Alvarez.  Chuck and I reviewed JMO to business career transition best practices and the outlook for 2023.  I recorded the full interview on December 15, 2022, in a webcast format that you can watch here.  You can also listen to the first of the interview in Episode 164.

What We Covered in Episode 164 (Part 1) – Trends for 2022

  • Why Cameron-Brooks client companies continue to have high demand for Junior Officer leaders.
  • Why Cameron-Brooks client companies hiring demand remained robust, and why we had many more open positions than candidates.
  • Transition lessons we learned in 2022 that every JMO should know in preparing to make a pivot to a business leadership career.

What We Cover in Episode 165 (Part 2) – Outlook and Best Practices for 2023

  •  A recession-proof transition strategy and preparation plan if we happen to encounter a downturn.
  • Transition missteps to avoid.
  • Why it is so important to avoid job hopping in your first 3 to 5 years out of the military.
  • How the Cameron-Brooks Career Search Strategy helps JMOs develop a track record of success in business.

I hope you enjoy both podcasts.

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