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BY Joel Junker

2022 JMO Transition Lessons (Episode 164)

Happy New Year!  All of us at Cameron-Brooks hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and feel refreshed to reach your goals in 2023.

At the end of every year, I interview Cameron-Brooks CEO, Chuck Alvarez, to review JMO to business career transition best practices and get his outlook for the following year.  We record this in a Webcast video format that you can watch hereIf you prefer to listen to it, follow the links in this post.  We started this at the end of 2020 to educate officers on the unique JMO transition lessons learned during the pandemic.  We received so much positive feedback; we made this an annual event.

While it seems the virus is now just a part of our lives and a new way of living, it is still making an impact on the economy.  We are experiencing inflation, the federal reserve raising interest rates, and some lingering supply chain issues.  The combination of these issues raised the dreaded “R” word – recession to hit the news.

This caused many JMOs to ask questions about what we expect in the next year.  Chuck speaks with hundreds of business leaders every month and has a pulse for hiring demand across just about all industries.  Thus, he has a unique perspective on the economy and hiring.

We divided the conversation into 2 podcast episodes.

Episode 164 (Part 1) – Trends for 2022

  • Why Cameron-Brooks client companies continue to have so much demand for Junior Officer leaders.
  • Our client companies’ demand remained robust, and we had many more open positions than candidates.
  • JMO Transition lessons we learned in 2022 that every officer should know in preparing to make a pivot to a business leadership career.

Don’t Miss Episode 165 (Part 2) – Outlook and Best Practices for 2023

You do not want to miss the second half of the conversation.  Tune into Episode 165, which will post on January 31.  Chuck describes a blueprint to recession-proof your transition if we happen to encounter a downturn.  His advice will ensure you find a great fit, establish yourself in a business career and avoid the common pitfalls of being underemployed or job hopping the first few years out of the military.

We hope you enjoy both podcasts.

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