Emily Kay

University of Maryland – Anthropology, Marine Corps, Regional Sourcing Manager of Epiroc

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is being well prepared to make “the transition”, and the companies who work with Cameron-Brooks have a particular appreciation for and understanding of JMOs.

Bryce Katsahnias

Appalachian State University – Industrial Design, Army, Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

The Cameron-Brooks experience exceeded my expectations. Cameron-Brooks provides the preparation and opportunity to interview with so many companies. There is no way that I could have gotten face time with 13 companies in such a short amount of time, working on my own. The Cameron-Brooks team really cares about your success.

Marc Richey

South Eastern Louisiana University – Psychology , Marine Corps, Associate Sales Representative of Nevro Corporation

Cameron-Brooks provides high quality opportunities with companies that are seeking JMOs something that would be challenging to accomplish on our own. Additionally, Cameron-Brooks invests significantly in the candidates to help us succeed. I don’t think I could have had the same quality of career search with any other Recruitment Firm or on my own.

Dorian Belz

USNA – Systems Engineering, Navy, Senior Consultant of EY

There is no greater way to prepare for transition than to have the Cameron-Brooks team on your side. They provide an invaluable service in helping you to develop and harness the skill of marketing yourself effectively to a future employer.”

Tom Pop

USMA - Psychology , Army, Oral Health Sales Consultant of Glaxo Smith Kline

Cameron-Brooks is incredibly invested in each candidate, their experience, their future, and the future of other candidates at C-B. All of the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, they care about the candidates and their families. C-B has maintained communication better than any company I ever worked with: they will email or call and follow-up; they thoroughly answer all questions; they take notes on each call AND pass the notes to other C-B staff; they collect feedback in multiple ways AND implement corrective action to continuously improve the program. My wife felt very included and encouraged throughout the entire process! This helped us keep our sanity and brought us closer together while we worked together in forging our own future.”

Charles Gunst

Kevin Jones

Carl Case

Carl Case, Senior Manager at major consulting firm, shares what he is looking for in a JMO when attending a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference.

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