• Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 64 – Opportunities for JMOs with Engineering Degrees in Corporate America

    When I speak to Junior Military Officers (JMOs) with engineering degrees, they often want to avoid doing engineering related work because they believe that companies would only hire them for their technical knowledge.  When I ask them to explain more.....
  • Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 63 – Can An Athletic Mindset Help You Be A Better Leader?

    WELCOME BACK! This episode features Peter Sceusa. Peter is a former Army Air Defense Artillery officer who transitioned to business in early 2014. Peter started his post-military business career at the consulting firm, PwC as a Senior Associate in Compliance and.....
  • Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 62 – From Aviation To Biotech Contract Manufacturing

    Welcome back! On this episode, I interview Melanie Mansbach, a JMO who transitioned to the biotech contract manufacturing industry. She is a former Army Aviation officer who transitioned to Lonza in 2016. She is managing a technical team of people.....
  • Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 61 – How One JMO Transition Wasn’t Decided By Location

    Location, location, location. While those are typically the top 3 criteria for opening up a retail business, it commonly seems like top criteria for a JMO transition. Yet, when JMOs narrow down a search based on location, they miss out on exploring many unique opportunities. Paul Speckin is Cameron-Brooks Alumnus who attended our April 2018

  • Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 60 – The Value of the Cameron-Brooks Agreement and Career Conference

    A lot of JMOs wonder why they should partner with Cameron-Brooks versus other recruiting firms or striking out on their own. They also wonder why they should enter a Cameron-Brooks agreement and wait to send out resumes or contact other companies until after the Cameron-Brooks Conference. In other words, they wonder, “How does this benefit