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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 48 – From Sales Rep to National Sales Manager in 6 Years!

Anthony Applegate is the National Sales Director of PACTIV. He is a former Army Special Forces officer who transitioned to PACTIV in early 2012 and started as a Territory Sales Manager. In his relatively short 6 years, he has had a meteoric rise professional by focusing on both the business and the customer.

Anthony Applegate is the National Sales Director of PACTIV.

In this podcast, we focus primarily on topic of starting a career in sales. We agreed that many JMOs tend to have misconceptions about business to business (B2B) sales. Anthony helps to dispel some of the myths by simply walking through some of the roles he’s held in his career thus far. He also chose to stay in the National Guard after he transitioned, so I asked him some questions about that decision. Finally, he is also getting his Executive MBA from TCU, so we discussed some of the pros and cons that come with getting an advanced business degree while working full time.

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Pete Van Epps