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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 56 – Tips on Making a Difference

making a differenceWelcome back! On this episode, I interview Trey McAfee. Trey is a former Army Chemical Corps officer who transitioned from the Army in early 2015 and is currently a Plant Manager at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope is a company that primarily makes commercial glass for some very interesting and beautiful buildings across America.

Trey was recently promoted and moved cross-country from Arizona to New Jersey. He attended our January 2015 conference, before starting his career at Oldcastle. I really enjoyed the conversation with Trey because we ended up talking about a broad range of topics, but tended to center most around making a difference every day.

Trey has a really interesting background. We discussed:

  • His partnership with Cameron-Brooks and why he choose to transition from the military.
  • What 21st Century manufacturing is really like.
  • His first year at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope.
  • The difference between production (“back end”) and customer-facing (“front end”) operations.
  • P.A.C.E.: Positive Attitude Changes Everything

He offers some great perspective and should prove helpful to those who are considering or who have made a transition.

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