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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 55 – Considering a Military to Business Transition? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself.

Considering a transition from the military?  Do you feel a little anxious about your decision?  This anxiety is natural.  In this podcast, I interview Cameron-Brooks Recruiter and Principal, Rob Davis, about his decision to make the transition 19 years ago.  What makes Rob’s decision unique? His dad and father-in-law both retired from the military.  Rob attended West Point with the goal to follow in their footsteps.  He stayed in the Army beyond his original commitment to command a Tank Company on his way to making the Army his career.  Yet, he decided to transition and did so successfully to Cisco Systems.

Rob explains how he made his decision and offers advice to others considering their future as well.  He recommends:

  1.  Map out your next 5 years in the military.  Does it excite you?
  2. What is going to be important to you in 5 years?  Does the military help you align with those priorities?
  3. Research business by reading business books like PCS to Corporate America, 4th Ed. and business periodicals like FORTUNE Magazine.
  4. Talk to people working in business.  Does this excite you?  Does it align with your priorities?

Additionally, Rob explains why he accepted a position with Cisco in his least desired geographic area (Northern California) and how he navigated his career back to his ideal location, Dallas, Texas.  Rob also earned his MBA at the Cox School of Business, SMU, while working for Cisco.  He has great perspective on the value of earning the MBA while working.

This is our 55th podcast episode and, so far, this episode is my favorite.  While I have worked with Rob for 8 years now, interviewing him for the podcast allowed me the opportunity to really listen and learn from him.  Rob has excellent advice for any JMO considering a transition.

You can learn more about Rob’s experience by viewing his LinkedIn profile.  Also feel free to email him directly with any questions.  He is passionate about helping military officers reach their potential and goals.


Joel Junker