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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 46 – 2 Keys to Building Your Professional Network

In this episode, I interview Cameron-Brooks alumnus John Edwards on the keys to building your professional network. John is a former USMC Logistics officer who transitioned to Corporate America in early 2014. He started his career working for an integrated solutions company focused on supply chain and packaging in the wine industry.  In his four years post-military, he has been very successful and has been promoted John Edwards discusses the Keys to Building Your Professional Networkmultiplies times. In this conversation, we walk through his career path and some of the projects and teams he’s led. He also shares his thoughts on specific actions he’s taken to be successful and gives some great advice which will be beneficial to both those already working in business, as well as JMOs considering making the transition. He also recommends multiple books: Getting Things Done by David Allen, Grit by Angela Duckwork and Mindset by Carol Dweck. He said all three of those books have been instrumental in helping him in his career. I enjoyed talking to John and think you’ll benefit from hearing his experience.

Pete Van Epps