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Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 40 – 3 Keys to Success as a Managing Consultant

On this episode, I interview Dustin Mackie with Avalution Consulting to learn his 3 Keys to Success as a Managing Consultant. Dustin is a former Army infantry officer who transitioned to Avalution in 2013. He shares what it’s like to work at a consulting firm focused on business continuity and mitigating IT disruptions within an organization. He then shares some ideas about what has made him successful thus far in his career and mentions some courses through Coursera (and another) and EdX that he has taken to help him be a better leader. He’s also taking a course through Syracuse’s Onward 2 Opportunity program. I had a great conversation with Dustin and we discussed a lot of helpful insight regarding his transition and career.Dustin Mackie with Avalution Consulting shares his 3 Keys to Success as a Managing Consultant

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Pete Van Epps