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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 39 – JMO Transition and Career Tips from 18 Years of Experience

Time flies. Most are familiar with the saying. I have worked for Cameron-Brooks for 18 years now and, as far as I know, there isn’t another professional out there meeting with JMOs considering a career transition with more time in the industry than me.  Yet, I still think I just started in this industry and have so much to learn. But even with that in mind, over the years, I have developed a few key JMO transition and career tips to help you on your path.

Joel Junker – still has a lot to learn

In this podcast episode, Pete Van Epps interviews me about my background, Cameron-Brooks’ experience and advice on making the transition, and succeeding in a business career.  While the interview lasts more than 30 minutes, my advice to transitioning officers or former military officers now working in business is pretty simple:

  1. Humility.  If you are not humble, life will humble you anyway.  Take time to learn from others and find mentors.  Realize you ALWAYS have a lot to learn.
  2. Go hard.  If you have humility, drive, work ethic, and energy to reach excellence, you have a great foundation for success.

This podcast goes into more detail about how to do both.

I have participated in over 90 Cameron-Brooks Career Conferences, helped more than 3,000 JMOs make the transition, mentored hundreds of our alumni, and I still have a lot to learn myself.  Yet, my advice to myself is the same as it is to you: stay humble and go hard so that you never think you have “arrived”, continuously seek to learn, and always look for ways to serve others and add value to your company.

Joel Junker

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