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BY Joel Junker

Kicking Off the Football Season (E181)

We are in mid-September and kicking off the football season.  With Cameron-Brooks Team Members who attended Texas A&M, Baylor, Notre Dame, West Point, and the Naval Academy, we are huge college football fans.

Football is a holiday season here in Texas, you know. So, to celebrate, I hosted a podcast with my good friend, Troy Prehar, who played football at West Point from 1990 to 1993. Troy’s second oldest son is a freshman football player at Mary Hardin Baylor, and Troy is also a youth football coach. Additionally, his brother, Mark, played football at West Point. Football runs deep with Troy and his family.

Troy partnered with Cameron-Brooks in 1996 andTroy Prehar transitioned from the Army to a medical device sales career. Troy has held numerous sales and sales leadership roles over his 27-year career. During this time, Troy has mentored hundreds of junior military officers (JMOs) transitioning from the military into sales careers.

During this podcast, Troy tells his transition story. He explains how his dad modeled a life of service as someone who served a career in the Army as a commissioned officer. Troy also shares how JMO leadership relates to success in sales. Additionally, Troy explains why he thinks those who play athletics at any point in their life have a leg up on success in sales and a business career.

Over the years, we have helped numerous former collegiate football players and other NCAA athletes. We recently hired Brock Dudley, who played soccer at USNA. Brock is joining the C-B team in October, and many of the C-B team members are already recruiting him to coach their kids’ youth soccer teams.

I hope you enjoy this fun podcast with Troy and join us in kicking off the football season by listening in.

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