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BY petevanepps

Career Conference BTS (E182)

Welcome back! On this episode, we bring you a Career Conference BTS (Behind the Scenes) as we wrap up our August 2023 Career Conference. We enjoy doing these episodes because it’s a bit of a “peek over the fence” as some of our most recent alumni share their experiences through their process and journey. In this episode, we feature:

Brad Franke, a former Navy Submarine lieutenant, graduated from the United States with a degree in Economics and Political Science and spent 7 years in the Navy.  Brad accepting an Engineering Management position with Edward Lifesciences.

Aaron Markey, a former Army Armor captain, graduated from the United States Military Academy with a degree in Engineering Management and spent 6 years in the Army. Aaron accepted an Engineering Team Leadership position with Modine.

Hamilton Jones, a former USMC captain, graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a degree in Comparative Politics and spent 6 years in the USMC. Hamilton accepted a position with Senior Account Management position with Motorola Solutions.

I was able to lead the team through multiple discussion points, such as your biggest surprise from the Conference, the most valuable thing you did to prepare for the Conference, the follow-up interview process, and how you ultimately chose the company that you going to work for. I really enjoy leading this part of the discussion because it is so rewarding a watch an officer engage in a deep level of preparation before the Conference and then navigate the Career Conference and the follow-up interview process.

For the second half of this Conference BTS podcast, the panelists fielded questions from the group who were attending the webcast live. This is always such a valuable part of this webcast because the questions asked likely reflect the questions many of you have regarding your processes and your transition.

We will continue to do these post-conference webcasts. Our next Career Conference is November 3-7, 2023 and we’ll release the audio and video to the webcast in early December. Until then, best of success!

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