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BY petevanepps

Episode 95 – Want To Be Successful? Keys to Navigating Your Career

Welcome back! On this episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast I interview Jim Rhoden. Jim is a former Army Logistician who transitioned in 2015. He had 13 interviews at the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference and through the Conference and Follow Up Interview Process, he engaged in a total of 45  interviews which rendered 4 different offers for employment. Jim launched his career at Foster Farms as a plant manager. Foster Farms is the largest poultry producer in the western Unites States. On the podcast, Jim shares his keys to navigating your career and earning success.


As an Army officer, Jim had excellent operational experience. This allowed him to not only prove his fit in his interviews with Foster Farms, but also find much success in his first role. He was able to apply many of the leadership tools he gained in the Army, which allowed him to accelerate quickly. After a year and a half, Jim navigated his career from the production environment to the corporate headquarters where he received a promotion to Supply Planning Manager. In this role, he worked with manufacturing facilities to develop efficient production schedules and demand models to meet inventory requirements. In December, Jim was promoted to Contract Manufacturing Manager ! He now works with third party suppliers, as well as internal Foster Farms departments, to plan new products for his company.


While Jim was in the Army and preparing to transition, he had a high level of engagement in our Development and Preparation Program. He read all of the books on the Required Reading List and put in a ton of effort to ensure success at his Career Conference. Since starting at Foster Farms over four years ago, he has been promoted twice and has done a nice job taking control of his career. A resounding theme throughout the podcast is Jim has been successful at every stage of his career because he has never stopped learning and developing professionally. A few of the books that he found particularly helpful as he was starting new roles at Foster Farms include The First 90 Days and Getting to Yes.

Jim is off to an incredible start in Corporate America and I think you’ll really enjoy learning more about his path. To learn more about turning your JMO leadership skills into a successful transition and business success with Cameron-Brooks, visit our website and check out PCS to Corporate America. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.