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BY Joel Junker

Episode 158 – 5 Steps to JMO Business Career Success

Welcome back to another episode of the Cameron-Brooks Podcast. Do you want to make a successful transition from military to business? Do you want to be in a top leadership role of a leading company?  If you do, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to help you get there.  You can follow former military officers who have become key business leaders’ steps for career success.

One such former military officer I recommend following is Ben Berkowick. I first met Ben in Pensacola, FL in December of 2008.  At that time, Ben was a Navy Naval Flight Officer preparing to make the transition to business the following year.  Do you recall the Great Recession of 2009?  Ben made the transition during one of the weakest job markets in the last 60 years.  Not only did he successfully land a position in sales with Biosense Webster, a division of Johnson & Johnson, but he also went on to several promotions and is now an Area Vice President of Sales with Biosense Webster.

In this podcast, Ben and I cover:

Ben’s 5 Steps for Success

Ben had a 5 step plan to reach his goal of becoming an Area Vice President of Sales.

1. Set a goal, make your plan and execute your plan

2. Ask for feedback – early and often

3.  Get a mentor – PLEASE! (Major emphasis here!)

4. Take Risks

5. Don’t rush it

Find Mentors Inside and Outside of the Company

While Ben has 5 steps for success, we zero in on the importance of finding mentors.  Ben shares how mentors act as a confidential sounding board for ideas and challenge you.  They help you navigate career choices and experiences.  Another way to look at it, they are often guides who have knowledge or insight into your career path and can offer insight on how to navigate that path.  Mentors are like trails, hiking or  Sherpas, who help you navigate a path you haven’t been down before.  They have intimate knowledge of the best strategies to walk or hike the trail to the summit and pitfalls to avoid.  Wouldn’t you want someone’s help who has been up that trail before?

Take Action and Find Mentors

Ben and I challenge listeners to find a mentor in the next 90 days.  We explain the work you need to do before approaching a mentor, how to approach the person and then how to set up the relationship.

Often people are afraid to reach out to others to be a mentor.  Our experience is that people want to help and look forward to these types of relationships.  With our challenge and guidance in this podcast, you will have the playbook on how to start a mentor relationship.

Whether you are in the military, just starting your career journey or are a seasoned business leader, Ben’s 5 step plan with a focus on finding a mentor will help you continue to reach your personal and professional potential.

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