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E159 – Economic Discussion for Transitioning JMOs

Let’s dive into an economic discussion for transitioning JMOs. As military officers consider moving from the military to corporate America, we often receive questions about the state of the economy. These questions typically come in a few different forms, but the question behind the question is this: will the economy support my transition from the military, and will I find employment that is meaningful and commensurate with my level of leadership and experience? The question is extremely logical. Many officers consider leaving the military for a myriad of reasons, but regardless of the reason, the military is perceived as a safe option, and so they want to ensure their transition to Corporate America will be successful.

This episode has two parts. The first part is a discussion that Joel Junker and Pete Van Epps had recently about the state of the economy. They basically have an economy discussion for transitioning JMOs where they talk about employment situations, both past, and present, as well looked into some of the historically worst economic downturns in our current times and how JMOs have faired through them. That essentially led to making this (obvious) point: no one can predict the economy. Yes, there is a lot of noise in the media as experts predict what is to come. We are not suggesting you ignore what you are hearing. What we do encourage is to gather information, weigh your options and build a plan based on your future goals. We can help with that.  As mentioned in the podcast, our three Transition Coaches have over 45 years of combined experience in helping military officers explore and navigate the uncertain waters of leaving the military and launching a career in the business world. You can explore our Transition Guides to learn more.

The second part of the interview is a recording of a webcast that Pete did with four of our most recent alumni from the August 2022 Career Conference. The conversation was lively and enlightening. Here are a few of the questions we discussed in the webcast:

  • Biggest surprise about the Conference?
  • What did you do REALLY WELL before the Conference that helped you?
  • What do you wish you would have done DIFFERENTLY knowing what you know now?
  • What is the biggest thing you LEARNED at the Conference?
  • Favorite interview and why?
  • How did you decide on the company you said yes to? What were some of the most important criteria that went into the decision?
  • One pro tip for those attending a future Conference?

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