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BY Joel Junker

Episode 150 – 3 Transition Strategies from an Executive Search Consultant

Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast.  2017 Cameron-Brooks Alumnus Nick Henderson and I talk about the recently published Cameron-Brooks Transition Guide, “3 Game-Changing Strategies for JMOs Making the Jump to Business“.  Nick is a Consultant with Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), a leading executive search and leadership advisory company.  Nick is a great example of making the successful transition from the military to business.  In five years, Nick has created a track record of success with an industry-leading company that values military officers.  He has been one of the top-performing Consultants among his peers. 

Not only did Nick take time to do this episode with me, but he has also been a great advisor to other military officers considering and making a transition.  He is always volunteering his time to help others succeed.  Additionally, he is involved with onboarding and developing new JMOs at RRA.

While Nick and I address how he used the three strategies of making a transition, the major point Nick communicated is that while checklists are critical to success in the military (he should know, he is a former Naval Aviator), they will only take you so far in business.  To be successful, you will need to think creatively, ask a lot of questions, seek out mentors and approach challenges from many different angles.

I want to say a special thanks to Nick for taking his time, sharing his experience and knowledge and always being willing to assist other JMOs.

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