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BY Joel Junker

Episode 106 – Want a Promotion? Practice these Two Virtues.

For 21 years I have partnered with Junior Military Officers (JMOs) making a transition to business.  One of the top reasons JMOs want to make a transition? They want a promotion and responsibility based on performance.  Some think that means they will transition right out of the military and take a big step up in responsibility.  In my experience, I have found that to be far from reality.  Instead it takes two virtues, humility and patience. First, you need to build a foundation of success and then great responsibility will come.

In this episode I speak with Erik Rabichaud who transitioned from the Army in 2017 to a General Management career with Love’s Travel Stops.  He started out working long hours and some weekends learning all facets of the business. Within a couple of months, Love’s promoted him to manage his own store with $40M in revenues.  Earlier this year Erik earned another promotion to the District Manager role for Truck Care Operations.  Each promotion has come with increased compensation and earned equity (shares) in the company.  Erik tells the story of how he remained humble and patient and worked hard to quickly get on his promotion track.

Erik also talks about choosing a career opportunity based on culture, values, responsibility and future growth.  Many JMOs place a lot of emphasis on what the company produces or provides.  These factors are important but through many conversations with our Alumni, I have found that company culture, values and people are the most important factors in career satisfaction and growth.   Erik expounds on this idea.

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