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BY petevanepps

Cameron-Brooks Podcast: Episode 67 – How to Define Leadership in Your Day-to-Day Work

Welcome back! During this podcast episode, I interview Dee Rodriguez. Dee is a former USMC Infantry Officer who transitioned to Corporate America in 2015. He launched his career at Preferred Materials where he started as a Project Manager. Dee has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and is working in the horizontal construction space. In this episode, Dee shares his transition experience, why he chose Preferred Materials, and how to define leadership in the day-to-day.

As we got into the discussion about “a day in the life”, Dee made an excellent point about how to find and define leadership experiences in the day-to-day work of a JMO. This is an especially important point because I find some JMOs struggle with seeing how their experience is relevant to a career in business. Dee breaks this down very nicely. He also gives some good advice about making it a point to learn exactly how your company earns revenue (he references The Goal) and also why it’s so important to work with team members across the organization.

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