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BY Cameron-Brooks

Episode 68: How To Reduce Risk In The Junior Military Officer Transition

The junior military officer transition can be risky.  You are changing industries, companies, positions and most likely location.  You have to resign 4-9 months in advance without a job already in hand.  A lot can happen in that time to the economy and the job market.  If you have a family or a spouse/significant other, they may depend on you for income and benefits.  No wonder you might feel a little vulnerable in this transition despite a track record of amazing accomplishments in the military.

However, the transition from military to business does not have to be risky.  Partnering with Cameron-Brooks reduces the risk and the variability in a career search.  Cameron-Brooks helps the JMO prepare and get in front of open leadership positions that have potential for future promotion with leading companies.  We host Career Conferences where candidates interview for positions specifically selected for them based on their background and interests.  Additionally, candidates interview with hiring managers, not people who are screening candidates for the next steps.

While Cameron-Brooks provides a successful path to the business world, the partnership takes trust.  In this podcast Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Rob Swanson, talks about how he had some mistrust of the process initially but, by placing his trust in Cameron-Brooks, he had a successful transition to Michelin’s Global Leadership Program.

Rob also describes his key preparation hacks that helped him succeed in his initial and follow up interviews, which allowed him to consider multiple opportunities before finally deciding on Michelin.

You can learn more about Rob at his LinkedIn profile and send him any follow up questions you may have.