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Will The Economy Support Your Transition? (E187)

If you are (or have ever) considered a move from the military to the business world, you have probably wondered if the current economy will support your transition. And the question is not just, “Will I get a job when I get out of the military?” The answer to that question is invariably YES! Finding a job, any job, is not the issue. The real question – the amplified version of the question posed in the title of this podcast is, “Will the current economy allow me to launch my business career by stepping into a leadership role in an industry-leading  company where I can  use my skills to make an impact and grow professionally?”

Unlike previous podcast episodes, episode 187 of the PCS to Corporate America podcast was recorded LIVE with 45 guests asking questions and covering the topics surrounding the question “Will the current economy support your transition?”

The Economy

We conduct 5 Career Conferences each year; of course, 2023 was no different. In the face of higher-than-normal inflation, higher-than-normal interest rates, and higher-than-normal uncertainty, companies still came to each Conference in 2023 with open positions. Not only that, but the positions were developmental roles commensurate with a military officer’s level of leadership. Why? Well, just like the military doesn’t stop commissioning officers, companies don’t stop hiring future leaders. In 2023, we partnered with hundreds of companies from different industries, including healthcare, consumer, technology, building materials, and construction, energy and power, industrial and others.

DoD SkillBridge

Believe it or not, the DoD SkillBridge program has been around since 2011. It started as a pilot program to address concerns about U.S. military personnel returning to civilian life following the 2008 financial crisis. Lawmakers wanted to ensure service members leaving the military at that time would be able to find work.  The program has gained an incredible amount of momentum in recent years. It has helped junior officers, senior officers, junior enlisted, senior enlisted, National Guard, Reserves, veterans and even spouses! The program is broad and has obviously helped many people. As a company that has helped military officers transition for over half a century, we know the value and leadership advantage that a JMO brings to the table. Unfortunately, we have seen some JMOs’ lose that advantage (or at least water it down), as many companies tend to lump every SkillBridge applicant, regardless of experience, into the same category. We are grateful to be a DoD-approved SkillBridge provider. If you’d like to know more about how the program can fit into your transition plan, just let anyone at Cameron-Brooks know that you are interested.


It is natural to think that different certifications, be it a Lean/Six Sigma Greenbelt, a PMP and Data Analytics certification, will lead to increased marketability by simply taking the class or earning the credential. It makes sense that a military officer would try to bolster their military resume with a program to authenticate their commitment to business. In such cases, military officers tend to use the certification as a ticket. We encourage officers to see the certification less as a ticket and more as a tool. By increasing your knowledge of a specific ubiquitous business concept (i.e., Lean/Six Sigma or Project Management) it enables you to 1.) consider your own military experience relative to the skill and 2.) learn new skills that you can apply at work in order to increase your experience on the topic. In both cases, this actually WILL increase your marketability, not by providing a path to get more hiring managers to interview you, but by being able to better explain your military experience to business leaders.

“Will the current economy support your transition?” With the right plan, preparation, guidance and coaching, yes!

Thank you for listening to the Cameron-Brooks podcast in 2023! As you consider your own potential transition from the military to the business world, if you’d like to have a conversation about your marketability or how Cameron-Brooks can guide you to launching your career, please contact us directly. Schedule a call here. 

Here’s a happy and meaningful Holiday Season and a prosperous 2024.

Cameron-Brooks has a 50-year track record of guiding military officers to create a step-by-step plan to learn about their options, connect their military experiences directly to opportunities in corporate America, craft a resume that will stand out to hiring managers, and ultimately launch a successful business career.