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BY Joel Junker

What Hiring Managers Want in an Interview (Ep. 173)

Many Junior Military Officers (JMOs) transitioning to business are curious about what to expect in an interview and what hiring managers want to see or hear. From a high level, they wonder how they should communicate their experiences to business leaders. Then they even worry about the more minor details. Do they call the hiring manager by their first name or more formally? Do you have the same questions?

Hear Directly from a Hiring Manager

You can listen to this podcast and hear directly from Erik Fihlman, who has hired JMOs for his global company for over ten years. Erik is also a former Navy officer, so he has been on both sides of the interview.

You will be surprised to learn that the most essential characteristic Erik looks for is someone who can carry on a conversation. This will blow the paradigm that an interview is a recruiter or hiring manager working down a list of questions; all the candidate does is provide answers. Instead, Erik explains he wants to speak to candidates who can share ideas back and forth, is naturally curious, and quickly builds rapport. He does not want a one-sided conversation.

Attitude is More Important than Credentials

Many JMOs think that knowing how to do the job is most important. Erik says that is not the case. He explains that he wants a winning attitude more than anything else. Someone optimistic who can succeed in adverse circumstances. He said he wants someone to collaborate with people within and outside the company. Erik, like many hiring managers who recruit from Cameron-Brooks, says he and other leaders in the company will teach the JMO how to do the job well.

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