February 4, 2019

What is Your Leadership Style?

Pretty basic question, right? When I ask a Junior Military Officer (JMO) this question, he or she usually begins to describe how they lead an individual or a group of people over whom they have positional authority. In most cases, we would classify that as team leadership. I published a more detailed blog post on team leadership, which … Continue reading “What is Your Leadership Style?”

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August 31, 2017

Cameron-Brooks Podcast Episode 32: Former JMOs use reverse mentorship in their business careers

We have a first for the Above and Beyond Podcast - this week I am joined by two Cameron-Brooks alumni - Craig Miller and Zach Boguslawski. Both are in leadership roles at Godiva. Craig is a former Army Military Police officer and currently a Manager of Global Supply Chain Finance and Zach is a former Navy … Continue reading "Cameron-Brooks Podcast Episode 32: Former JMOs use reverse mentorship in their business careers" Read More
June 3, 2010

Describing Your Ideal Job in an Interview

The reason it can be so challenging to describe an ideal job in an interview is because, for most people, there are different sides to you that want different things.  The personal side wants high pay and rewarding work,  the family side would like time off and good benefits, while the career side wants fast promotion and … Continue reading “Describing Your Ideal Job in an Interview”

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November 5, 2009

JMOs Key to Leading Lean Manufacturing Efforts

A timely article appeared in the USA Today on Monday, November 2, the first day of the Cameron-Brooks November, 2009 Career Conference.  The article titled “Lean Manufacturing Helps Companies Survive Recession” pointed out that manufacturing facilities that have adopted Lean Manufacturing initiatives have converted from batch processing to uninterrupted flow, and reduced waste and inventories.  … Continue reading “JMOs Key to Leading Lean Manufacturing Efforts”

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